What is Tele-Rehabilitation?

“Broadly speaking, tele-rehabilitation refers to rehabilitation services that use any form of technology (including but not restricted to video conferencing, internet and telephone) as an alternative to face-to-face interventions.  This use of electronically-mediated communication to deliver health services can occur over large or small distances or across jurisdictional borders.”

Excerpt from the “Tele-rehabilitation Resource Guide for Alberta Physiotherapists” Physiotherapy Alberta;

Tele-rehabilitation can be as simple and “old-fashioned as a land line phone call.  It can also involve more sophisticated technology like videoconferencing. It is an innovative way to deliver physiotherapy services in situations where physical, in person attendance at the Clinic is not possible. Tele-rehabilitation allows Albertans to access their physiotherapist of choice, even if they are not in the same geographical area. Give the Clinic a CALL to see if Tele-rehabilitation is an option for you!