Respecting Your Privacy

Our physiotherapists’ professional responsibility is to adhere to our Standards of Practice.  Several standards are in place to ensure a record is kept of your course of treatment.  This record includes personal information such as your date of birth and address as well as information relating to your physiotherapy diagnosis, your treatment plan, and your response to treatment.

You are entitled to access the information in your record at any time.  Please be aware there are instances where written requests must be made and fees may apply to produce your record.  Also, it does take time to produce a copy of your record.  If you desire a copy, please allow your physiotherapist enough time to produce the copy.  This process can take several days so be sure to make your request with that in mind.

Our physiotherapists utilize an Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, to store your personal information.  Your information is stored locally on separate, password protected computers in an encrypted database.  Your information is backed up locally on a separate hard drive and also in an off site server via a cloud service.  Your information is protected in transit using 256-bit encryption and 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission.  This is the same technology major banking institutions and government agencies use and is the industry standard for transmitting sensitive data.

There are instances for purposes of research and measuring outcomes where your information may be shared.  In such cases, no personal identifiers such as your name will be transmitted.  Be assured that at no time is this information shared with any third parties for the purposes of marketing services.

Copies of the Clinic’s Privacy Policy are available at your request from the Privacy Officer, Simon Cooke.

The Standards of Practice for Physiotherapists are available online at the Physiotherapy Alberta – College & Association website.

More information regarding the privacy of your health information can be found at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner website.