Bryce Fraser

Bryce graduated with a Bachelor of Science with distinction in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria in 2014, and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2018. He has also completed the Orthopaedic Level 1 certification offered by the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian
Physiotherapy Association.
Bryce utilizes a detailed physical assessment to focus in on the root cause of symptoms and physical dysfunction, helping him to address pain at its source. He believes in a patient centered approach to therapy, using a collaborative approach to tailor each treatment session, ensuring quick results and lasting improvements in performance. He applies a combination of education, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities to help clients achieve positive functional and performance outcomes. He encourages clients to take an active approach to their rehabilitation and believes that a strong therapeutic exercise program is vital to successful physical rehabilitation.
Bryce has a special interest in working with sport-related injuries, especially in soccer, rugby and football populations. Having been a player and trainer with these groups he understands the unique demands each activity places on athletes. His other interests include concussion management, post-surgical care and shoulder related pathology. Bryce previously worked in chronic disease management, running a hospital-based rehabilitation program. He has extensive experience in management of complex chronic diseases including a wide array of cardiovascular conditions, respiratory conditions and diabetes.
Bryce’s goal with each treatment session is to improve quality of life and to facilitate return to active living. He will work closely with you in one-on-one treatment sessions to achieve your optimal performance and wellness goals, whether it is pain free living, walking in the river valley or return to high-performance sport.

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