Edmonton Nordic Ski Club Injury Prevention Assessments

Injury Prevention Assessment


The physiotherapists at the Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy Clinic are committed to injury prevention.  Having several enthusiastic cross-country skiers on staff, we feel a partnership with Edmonton Nordic Ski Club is a natural one.

We are movement experts.  We can assess your body and its current movement patterns and assist you in planning a program with the following goal:

Keeping you active and injury free! 

With improved movement the potential for better performance is increased.

More efficient movement will lead to less fatigue, less loss of form, and better results.

What is an assessment?

  • The physiotherapist will look at your movement patterns to determine your strengths, weaknesses or inefficiencies, particularly as they pertain to cross-country skiing.
  • The physiotherapist will ask you to perform different tasks to test your endurance and muscle memory.
  • If you are in pain or have an injury, specific tests will be done to determine the extent of the injury and what tissues are involved.
  • The physiotherapist will synthesize this information and develop a program for you to improve your movement, strength, endurance and function with a focus on cross-country skiing patterns.

How do I book an assessment?

  • Phone 780-432-9555
  • Identify yourself as an Edmonton Nordic Ski Club member; our admin team will have some other questions for you.  You will then be scheduled for a one on one assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

What are the fees involved?

  • If you have a valid Alberta Personal Health Number, Alberta Health Services will cover a portion of the fee if you have not been assessed by another physiotherapist since April 1, 2015.  The balance of the fee is $80 and you are responsible for that portion of the fee.
  • If the above does not apply, the fee is $135.
  • The Clinic accepts cash, cheque, Interac, Visa and MasterCard for payment.
  • Portions of the fee may be eligible for reimbursement through extended health benefit programs.  Please check your individual program for eligibility.