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Diagnostic Imaging

  Congratulations to Simon Cooke for completing the REHAB 570 “Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapists” course at the University of Alberta in 2014. Simon is are authorized for the Advanced Restricted Activity of ordering Diagnostic Imaging including x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound and MRI. Other

Office Ergonomics

Practise what you teach! Ergonomics in Action There are lots of things you can do to alleviate the effects of a poor work station or postural challenges.  If you have seen one of the team for treatment of neck, shoulder,

Being Active Keeps You Active

I was at my doctor’s office just recently to attend for my yearly physical exam.  The receptionist told me to arrive 15 minutes prior to my appointment as there would be a questionnaire for me to complete.  When I arrived,


Congratulations on embarking on a walking fitness program. You are taking the fist step towards a healthy lifestyle. Walking is an activity that almost anyone can do. The benefits include improved energy levels, the ability to meet the demands of

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a syndrome characterized by painful loss of movement of the shoulder joint. In this case, the word “frozen” is analogous to “stiff”. “Adhesive capsulitis” is a medical term for this syndrome. The capsule surrounding the shoulder joint

Knee Pain & Treatment

Perhaps you have been running and suddenly felt pain on the outside of your knee. The pain is puzzling because you haven’t fallen or twisted your knee. It appeared out of the blue. Chances are you may be developing Iliotibial

What Do I Do If I’m Injured?

Hopefully you will avoid injury by following the tips previously mentioned. However, many people don’t know how to tell if they have an injury. Pain that persists over several days or recurs with activity is likely due to an injury.

How Do I Prevent Injury To Maintain My Level Of Physical Activity?

Becoming physically active can be a challenge in itself. Sustaining an injury that prevents participation in an activity can be very frustrating, especially since becoming active was difficult in the first place. Injury prevention is comprised of many factors. The

Injury Prevention In Dancers

Dance is a beautiful expression of movement. Dancers can make these movements appear effortless but we know this is not the case. Repetition and lots of practice is required to make these movements seem effortless. Unfortunately, the hours of work

Core Stability

The term “core stability” seems to be popping up quite often these days. Although physiotherapy rehabilitation training has been addressing core stability for some time now, the buzzwords are now being heard in exercise classes and with the emergence of